01. She does [volunteer] work with mentally-handicapped children at the hospital.
02. He's a member of the [volunteer] fire department, so he has to carry a cell phone with him at all times.
03. We need a couple of people to help us clean up the gymnasium after the party. Are there any [volunteers]?
04. My grandfather [volunteered] to serve in the army in the First World War.
05. My neighbor works as a [volunteer] driving old people to the doctor or the hospital when they need it.
06. [Volunteering] is a good way to use your English, and to meet and help people here in town.
07. The children [volunteered] to help clean up the playground.
08. He gained some good experience in his field by working as a [volunteer] for a few months.
09. Whoopi Goldberg once remarked that if every American donated five hours a week to a good cause, it would equal the labor of 20 million full-time [volunteers].
10. In baseball's early days, umpires were unpaid [volunteers].
11. In Vietnam, the Emperor Bao Dai [voluntarily] gave up his throne to show his support for that nation's independence.
12. The flag of Chile was designed by an American [volunteer] serving in the Chilean army.
13. In March of 1995, the only Nigerian military ruler to have [voluntarily] handed over power to elected civilians was arrested.
14. Seneca once stated that drunkenness is nothing but [voluntary] madness.
15. Studies show that the [voluntarily] childless share a number of social characteristics.
16. In April of 1898, the United States government made a public plea for 125,000 [volunteers] to fight against Spain in Cuba.
17. The muscles make [voluntary] or in[voluntary] movement of the body possible.
18. [Volunteering] with handicapped children is a very rewarding experience.
19. The union took a [voluntary] pay cut to keep the company from going bankrupt.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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